Clothing Fashionable and Comfortable

A French company coming up along with a beautiful fashionable line of ready to wear apparel from both men and women is an obvious buzzword. This company for several years has built a label for itself by manufacturing apparel for rugby players. The company also designs a range of fashionable smart casual as well as lifestyle apparel. Eden Park clothing is one of the popular brands available for the sporting fellowship.


The introduction of this brand was unique and interesting. The label name Eden Park comes from one of the popular rugby stadium present in Auckland. Five popular rugby players planned to utilize their fame and success in marketing the range of rugby clothing. In 1987, they started this journey and are still going on strong and steady. The brand designs uniforms and jerseys for the national teams. The rugby and polo shirts have even become an unofficial uniform for the rugby enthusiasts all over. In 1998, the company designed many uniforms for national teams like France in the 2003 Welsh Rugby World Cup. Apart from the sports

The Latest Summer Shoe Fashions

Summer is here already and so are the new shoe fashions! If you like hot new colors and styles, you’re in for a real treat this season. The stores’ shelves are lined with vivid prints and a variety of textiles, certain to suit your every mood. Here is a short guide to help you navigate the shoe racks this summer.


Metallics have finally made a comeback this season. Bright golds and cool silvers are being challenged by bright metallic pinks and blues and it seems that every type of shoe imaginable is adorned with sequins or cheerful beads. Skimmers and ballet-inspired shoes are still all the rage and are now available in a variety of fabrics and patterns, sure to go with all of your new bohemian-inspired tops and skirts.

As always, sandals are summer favourites. This year they come in a variety of styles and colors, from sporty and fun to chic and sophisticated. Flip-flops are popular again and can make a cool change from the traditional sandal, unless, of course, you are the sporty type,

The 4 Common Types of Leather Used to Create Accessories

As stated in the common saying that a man is known by the shoes he wears, it stands true for most because they feel that a good pair of shoes completes them. Whatever the occasion it may be whether casual or formal, the right pair of shoes is bound to compliment the mood. There are a variety of shoes that you can choose from such as slippers, casual shoes, sandals, formal shoes, boat shoes, boots, etc. Shoes are in general made of leather, fabric and other similar material that fits snugly onto your feet and thus making you feel comfortable while you wear it. The leather is one such material that makes the best shoes that last longer than shoes made of any other fabric. It too has varied classifications that categorise its quality as well as its price.


• Calf leather – The skin obtained from calves aged between two to three years having soft skin are used to create varied leather products that are highly priced due to limited availability. High-quality shoes, bags, leather, gloves, etc. are made out of this skin. As it

Gothic Clothing Fashion for Men, Women

A clothing style worn by the members of the Goth subculture has become tantamount with Gothic fashion clothing, which stands for a definite style of clothing that prefers stark dark to extravagant colors.

Goth clothing features dark cloths such as dark velvets, dark fishnet, dark lace, dark gloves and dark leather shaded with scarlet. In order to put extra weight to Goth clothing, Goths dye their hair black and darken their lips, eye-lines and finger-nails.

Gothic fashion re-emerged in England during the early 1980s in the Gothic rock scene, which is a derivative of the Post-punk genre. But the original Goth subculture is believed to have flourished between 1200 AD and 1450 AD, when the outfits were more graceful, but simpler in cut than in the Romanesque period. More importance was given to forearms of the sleeves that were tight. Necklines were usually deep, while dresses were typically longer. Minimal trimmings were an important feature of Goth clothing of this period. But, with the passage of time styles kept changing quickly. By the 15th century, fabrics became stiffer. Padded doublets, leg-o-mutton sleeves, crisp pleat, tight belts were also distinguishing characteristics of Goth clothing in 15th

Fashionable Choice For Stylish Women

Throughout the centuries, red has never lost its significance and charm for ladies of all ages, cultures and positions. No matter, how old women are and what profession they are in, red has always been a favorite among them. Red is associated with women and their beauty, thus it is always seen as a common color in ladies’ accessories, clothes, shoes and cosmetics. Talking about red shoes, they are commonly observed to have worn by top models, high professional ladies and even common women. If we specifically talk about red patent shoes, we will see that these shoes are the favorite among most women that love fashion and are conscious about their taste.

These shoes are especially manufactures to satisfy the stylish women, who have a perfectly fashionable choice. Red shoes can be worn for formal and as well as informal functions. Teenagers and young girls love wearing them to dates, college functions and prom nights, while women prefer wearing them to shopping, wedding parties, business meetings and such other casual and non-casual gatherings.

Patent leather has the most classic and attractive look than absolutely any other material which can be used in the manufacturing

Plus Size Women’s Clothing Fashions

Pierre Renoir, born of working class parents in the Limoges Region of France realized his love of art from an early age, and began studying art in 1862 in Paris at the age of 21. With little money, his first challenge was to ensure he could actually buy paint. His early work was of the countryside but gradually that theme changed.

He had fallen out with an early benefactor so he was not only deprived of money but also the location at which many of his early work was painted.

He actually painted Richard Wagner in just over half an hour, and he soon realized his skills as a painter of people and while he did not ignore landscapes completely, he decided to hire a model who herself ironically turned out to have quite an artistic talent herself.

He continued to paint the females in various poses and seemed to much prefer larger models whose plus size women’s clothing was often discarded in favour of the more natural appearance. Not for him the slim girl, almost under nourished. He wanted curves in his models hence his painting of his mistresses through the 1880s.


Fashion & Makeup Tips to Look Stunning Irrespective of Size

Plus size women are curvy, luxurious and sheer beauties. Though most women crave to flaunt the most hyped size zero still the true beauty of women lies in her curves. Fashion tips for these curvy women should be kept simple and subtle. The fashion communities are also recognizing their worth. A little bit of chiseling can groom them into bombshells. Good fashion tips are extremely important for them in order to make them appear stunning irrespective of their volume.

Bigger women have their own shades of beauty compared to petite damsels. They appear confident and domineering because of their volume. Most celebrities like Toccara Elaine Jones, Johanna Dray and Charlotte Coyle are sexy and extremely talented. They epitomize plus size women.

Fashion And Makeup Tips To Look Stunning Irrespective Of Your Size

. Fashion tips for bigger woman includes right clothing, accessories and some make up. In order to appear slimmer and taller, a plus size women should wear outfits with vertical linings. They will make you appear tall as well as slimmer. Wear skirts that are longer and less wide. In order to look slim, you should completely avoid wearing large size clothing.

Plus Sized ClothesFashion Designers Making Them Popular

In the past, both men and women who were big and huge would find it awkward to shop for clothes. Over the years, there have been changes in the world of fashion with more and more people becoming fashion conscious. This has led to many improvements in the fashion world which has in turn encouraged many designers to come up with a line of trendy garments for large sized women. These clothes are referred to as plus sized clothes.

The 21st century has witnessed the entry of a new breed of fashion retailers who have been innovative and have introduced trendy designer outfits for both genders. They have made a positive difference in the manner clothes are designed for large sized individuals and have made a conscious effort to help such people appear slimmer and confident through their designs.

Fashion designers vouch on some basics when it comes to designing and creating clothes for large sized individuals. The rule that dark colors would make you appear slimmer is very true. When buying plus sized clothing, the focus should be on purchasing clothing that is the most appropriate for the body and does not make the

Fashionable Footwear for Women

Shoes are an essential fashion item for any woman and their attire will be incomplete without the correct pair of shoes. The fashion statement of a woman is enhanced by shoes. A vast range of foot wear also provides them with lots of options. Women are quite careful while selecting their shoes and they consider both style as well as comfort while buying a nice pair of footwear. They go for the shoes that will make them look attractive and at the same time will provide perfect support to the feet. If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated pair of women’s footwear then the Gabor shoes can be an ideal choice for you. These charming and fashionable shoes will compliment your feet and at the same time these shoes are available at much reasonable rates.

The comfortable and trendy Gabor shoes are found in a huge array of styles and designs that will definitely match the preference and taste of most women. These shoes are also made with good material as the brand uses finest quality leather to manufacture them. So you can be assured that these shoes will be durable and last for

Fashion Tips for Pulling Off Summer Trends

In every season there are new trends of fashion that sometimes spring up like wild flowers and at other times come back from hibernation. From bold colors to crop tops, this Summer we are veering away form traditional rules of matchmaking in fashion and trying on a bolder approach of blending different styles, colors and patterns. Color blocking, crop tops and maxi skirts are the three major trends that seem to be dominating the fashion scene this summer.

Color Blocking
Bold colors like turquoise, magenta, yellows and plums are upstaging all other colors on the color wheel. This season, women are encouraged to match colors like plum and tangerine, blue and yellow, turquoise and fuchsia. All over the Runways from Prada to Gucci these color pallets and combinations are uplifting and energizing. One thing to consider with this trend are the extra looks and gazes that will surely come your way, so make sure you’re ready for the attention. Perhaps what was seen before as clashing now is erupting with a new kind of popularity. If you want to veer away form solids, there are many patterns that you can choose from that are embodying this

Fabulous Summer Fashion Tips to Keep Cool in The Heat

If you’re having a hard time digging anything out of your closet because you have no idea what to wear that is stylish yet still cool enough, never fear! I’m here for you and I’ve got the top fashion tips for summer that will not sacrifice fashion but that will still keep you super cool!

Wrap Dresses
Whether you are heading to the beach for the day or you are out for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, this is the ideal fashion statement for you! Wrap dresses look great on any body type and there are so many styles that you can get, it’s impossible not to find one that works for you! Wrap dresses are a staple in my closet and they are a fashion tip that is impossible not to love!

Formal Shorts
Shorts are very in right now, but I’m not talking about cut-off daisy-duke shorts, instead, opt for shorts that you may be able to get away with wearing to the office to keep you cool! Formal shorts are something that really are amazing. They can be printed or just a solid color, but they are more

Designer Fashion for the Little People

Despite the fact that the child will outgrow the garments in very little time, well to do parent love to purchase fashionable items designed by the likes of Christian Dior, Kimora Lee, and others for their child who is completely unaware of the facts of fashion world.

Every year the top designers unveil their latest fashion creations for the little people of the world and fortunately today’s infant have everything from their bonnets to booties fashionable. Keeping in mind the delicate skin of the infant and the toddlers the top fashion houses produce body suits, bibs, booties, and bonnets that are soft to the touch, beautiful to behold, cost many times more than the typical Kmart baby outfit and gentle to the skin in contact.

Perhaps the best known line of designer wear for infants comes from Christian Dior that includes items like the sweet 100% cotton Dior baby body suit with pink or blue snaps, the Dior teddy bear logo on the chest. One of the latest names in the world of designer baby clothes is that of famed photographer Anne Geddes. Getting inspired by the popularity of her famous photos of babies dressed

Once Uncover the Hidden Secret to Shoe Fashion All Shoes Can Be Really Hot

So then what’s the secret to shoe fashion? Simple, and you already know the answer which is of course turning heads. Let’s face it, if you weren’t interested in obtaining all those looks you would just wear a pair of Banana skins on your feet. No I haven’t stepped on one of those peels and fallen and hit my head. It’s all part of a seriously bad old joke my dad used to say when I was a kid. You know parent jokes, all the old people laughed and you were embarrassed for them. This oldie but goodie from his limitless repertoire went like this: What Kind of shoes are made from Banana skins? Why slippers naturally!

So, the way to really learn the secret and to be able to use it effectively is this. Imagine you are going dancing and your boyfriend picks you up you go to the club and meet your best girlfriend and her guy. You look down and see her new pair of super cute strap pump shoes and your eyes roll. Well those are the shoes you want to buy. No, No not that exact same pair of course not

5 Very Important Fashion Tips For Women

For a woman fashion is like breathing. Its something she can live without. Unfortunately not all women know how to dress. And that’s where fashion tips for women comes into play. Finding the right clothes to wear is extremely important. It goes beyond just finding the right clothes for your shape and body type. Here are 5 universal fashion tips for women.

Don’t Splurge On The Basics

I consider the basics tank tops, t-shirts and short to lounge around in. You don’t need to break the bank for these items. Instead head to your local Walmart or Target, my personal favorite, to pick them up. These are items that you will wear quite a bit. That means they will wear out quicker than other items. So go to a place where you can buy more for less.

Clean Out Your Closet Every Six Months

This is one of the best fashion tips for women ever. Most women have racks and racks of clothes hanging in their closets. The problem is that most of the clothes have never been worn. Its time to clean out the closet and get rid of the clothes that

The Art of Creating Permanent Fashion Styles for Men

Many men and women do not have much idea about Mens Fashion. Very often the advice I have been approached on are what men can wear to appear professional or what men should wear so that they do not look outdated but overtly trendy.

I would greatly suggest understanding the basics of men’s fashion and put this knowledge into a permanent mens fashion style. There would not be anymore worry about following trends but perpetually looking stylish.

The basics of fashion for men boil down to knowing what each piece of apparel is made up of. The fabrics used determine a lot on the quality of the apparel. Good fabrics allow the apparel to withstand wear and tear.

If any men’s clothing or accessories that wear out fast would naturally make it look old and badly cared. This does not reflect well of the men wearing it and easily put most men out of style just by looking shaggy.

The next important point we need to note are the details found in every apparel and accessories. Details can be subtle but it creates a very big impact in the eventual outlook of the

Ahoy There Women! Time To Buy Designer Jeans

We all know how crazy we are for shopping; no matter how many clothes we have in our wardrobe, we know that there is always a little bit of space for more. If you have recently realized that you don’t have enough jeans and you want to buy one in black color, you must know how good designer jeans are.

Following are the top six reasons for you to prefer designer bottoms over the ordinary ones:

1) To make your friends jealous of you – Even if they are your BFFs (Best Friends Forever), you know that you want to make them jealous of you and your choices. If you want to make them go GAGA over your style, you have got to choose the ‘specially’ made jeans over the ordinary ones. Such bottoms depict your class and status in the society, especially in front of your friends.

2) To impress your clients – If you are in the field of marketing or are working somewhere, you surely need to do something to impress your clients in the right way. The only way in which your clients can be impressed is by your clothes.

Dress Neckline And Hairstyles That Go Best With Them

New Year’s is a just a couple of days away. This is the time when you want to look your best. Starting from the top to your toes, your look must complement the entire get up. Generally, women prefer gowns or dresses for parties. In fact, women ooze sexiness, killer attitude and confidence with those elegant party dresses.

However, to look really awesome, you need to work on your overall look and going for the best dress is not enough! The combination of dresses and tresses together brings an undeniably stunning feminine charm. There are a variety of party dresses for women that you can find online. Choose the most desirable one and get a matching hairstyle if you want to turn some heads.

Match Your Hairstyle With A Party Dress Neckline:

Strapless: A variety of hairstyles go with strapless neckline dresses. But, hair with free falling curls or a messy bun suit the most. Free falling curls are the rage now and they generally bring out the most in strapless party dresses. It directly draws the attention to the collarbone, which looks utterly gorgeous.

V-neckline: A V-neckline dress gives you

Best Tips to Accessorize Your Black Dress for Various Occasions

Black dress, the most basic and essential element of a women’s wardrobe, makes a woman look elegant and sexy, to which most of the women and fashion observers agree. Be it any occasion, black dresses boost the glam quotient and looks classy. A Black dress being versatile can be dressed up alone or with other suitable accessories, depending on the occasions, for carrying different looks every time with the same dress.

Here are some ways you can style your black dress for different occasions with different looks.

Christmas Party: Choose red heels to team with your black dress. Sparkle and bling is welcome as it’s party time. Red earrings or crystal drops look damn gorgeous and sexy. A red belt and clutch will complete the look. Red lips make you look even more gorgeous.

Holiday Get-together: Invited to a holiday get-together and confused about what to wear? A black dress is the best option. Black looks classy with beige or nude color. Pick a pair of classy beige or nude shoes to complement your dress. A black clutch with some bling to bring out the holiday feel is essential. Regarding jewellery, a pair of

Celebrity Fashion Tips, How You Can Dress Like A Star On A Budget

Celebrity fashion tips, listed here are a few amazing tips that will help you to dress like a star with out spending like one.

You do need to have a full team of makeup artist and fashion experts to achieve that celebrity swagger. You can get the look of your favorite celebrity. And you definitely can do it on a budget. If you are looking to get your “star” shining follow these fashion tips on trends and shopping.

7 Celebrity Fashion Tips

1. Trends. It is all about following the latest trends and paying enough attention to where they are headed to buy wisely. Reading the fashion magazines will help you to keep in touch with the fast moving ever-changing fashion frenzy. You want to see as many pictures as possible and at least two from another country. Also it is important to watch what they are wearing in your area so as to keep breast of the trends in your area.

2. Not everything you see on others will look good on you. One of the best fashion tips ever is to dress for your body type and age level. Even if

Teen Fashion for Girls For a Look That Gets Noticed

Up until the time you’re in your pre-teens, it’s most likely that Mom has done much of your clothes shopping. Many girls, when they hit their teens, naturally want to start choosing their own fashions, but in many cases, all you’ve got to go on is what the rest of the girls are wearing, in stark contrast to Mom’s taste. You want to fit in with the times, but a lack of shopping experience may lead you to a somewhat extreme departure from ‘kids’ clothing, resulting in clothes purchased that eat up too much of your budget, or items that make Mom shriek! Most girls need a few teen fashion tips, to make the most of your shopping dollars and fashion quotient! Here, we’ve got the scoop on teen fashion tips, for girls just like you.

You doubtless are ready to make a fashion statement of your own, but may not know where to begin. Your first step, before going shopping, is to consider your budget. These days, very few of us have an unlimited budget. That’s the bad news. On the other hand, there’s some good news: a carefully planned shopping trip and fashion goals